S W E E T  ♡ D R E A M S

Starting Today, You Are a Host-guard


He shot the rude lady a single-fingered salute when she turned away, following her inside with his cross slung over his shoulder.

If he’d thought the outside was fancy, it was NOTHING compared to the interior. All the art pieces were incredible, the ceiling high, and even colors he’d never seen before.

"Goddamn…" He was brought back to attention when the hag woman brought him to the study, turning and leaving him to it. Bitch.

With a sigh, he went inside, prepared to meet who would undoubtedly be some rich, fat, spoiled, arrogant bast-

Wait, WHAT?!


"Y-you?!" He didn’t get much else out when the all-too-familiar blond grabbed his hand, shaking it vigorously and talking a mile a minute. "Y-yeah, I remember ya! Damn, I didn’t know this was you!" Despite his surprise, he had to admit he was a little relieved to have the job go to someone he’d already met. Plus, this guy seemed harmless enough. But then what did he need a bodyguard for?

Well, wasn’t his place to ask. Only do his job.

王子」––  “Yes, it’s me!” He announced with a chuckle. “Aa, it’s so good to see you again, Wolfwood.” The pair likely had plenty of questions for the other, what with this sudden arrangement, but that had to wait. The grandfather clock in the room chimed with the new hour, pulling Tamaki’s attention away temporarily.

"Time to get ready for work," he gave his friend a wink and nudged him lightly with his elbow, "so that means you, too. However, I can’t allow my clients to know that you’re my bodyguard —that might cause a scare and hurt business— so you’re going to have to go undercover."

"From now on, not only are you my employed bodyguard, Wolfwood, but you’re also my new apprentice!"

This would be the part that a normal person would explain what it is, exactly, that they do; however, Tamaki was too far in a league of his own to ever be considered normal. Instead, the blond held his pose as if to wait for an applause.

This School is L-A-M-E |@ guilty-beautiful-lover (CLOSED)


      “Hmmm….. Left. Hmm… No- no no…. definitely right. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…. NO WAIT LEFT! Or… or—.. straight? … Why was this school so big? Honestly.. Nagi spun around and around, trying to get a baring on his direction. Oh well~! With a shrug he turned to walk down, yet another, random hallway. Humming to himself, the fourteen-year-old idol skipped along, quite content to be completely lost. Kira would come find him eventually.

      The child star and his band, HEAVENS, had been invited to come play at this super fancy, super rich, super duper huuuuuge school!! Now that the concert was over, and obviously went amazingly because they’re awesome, Nagi had decided to slip away and go on an adventure.

      Where this ‘adventure’ was supposed to lead was a mystery; but with somewhere as cool as Ouran High School something was bound to show up eventually~! ….hopefully…. …sometime… anytime….


      “Ughhhh.. Nagi groaned after a moment, this school is so boring!!


王子」 –– The blond king of the host club peered around the corner to get a better look. YEP. It’s really him! It wasn’t everyday that Tamaki met a celebrity (that only happened on the weekends, never at school —except for that one time, or two times… Okay, so it happened more often than it did at most schools, but Ouran wasn’t your typical school). Tamaki was really excited to see a boy band in concert, but he was even more excited to meet the star afterwards. It’s not stalking if it’s a random 'oh hey what are you doing here? I was just on my way to, um, class' sort of thing.

Tamaki stepped out from around the corner, raised his hand to wave, and was about to introduce himself when he heard the groan. Slowly, his hand fell back to his side. Meeting celebrities in real life usually ended in disappointment. This seemed to be the case. He felt his heart sink.


He let out a disappointing sigh full of heart break, it was pretty loud and kinda over dramatic, as he turned to take his leave. Phone still in hand, it was on the camera (ready to take a selfie); he switched to messages.

[text]: Mommy... I suddenly don't feel well. I want commoner ramen.


{  I feel kinda bad that neither one of us have any plot ideas, but I made this OLD video forever ago and thought maybe you might appreciate it.
I couldn’t keep an accent, but you know what the Swiss don’t really have a set accent because they are the melting-pot of the Alps so pretend it was on purpose. yeah it totally was.

Sh!t Switzerland Doesn’t Say

S W E E T  ♡ D R E A M S

Starting Today, You Are a Host-guard


Well. Here he was. Wolfwood looked down at the address he’d been given, then back up at the manor. Yup, this was the place.


"F-fuck, how many families live here? It’s gotta be illegal to have a house this big." With a sigh, Wolfwood knocked on the door, wondering what kind of family this was to hire a mercenary for a bodyguard.

'Probably some mob boss' brat or somethin'. 'S the kinda jobs I usually get, I guess… Well, I need the money, so here goes nothin'.'

王子」––  It did not take long for an elderly woman to answer the door. She looked the man over, was that disapproval in her eyes or was she just so old that her face was stuck like that?

"I assume you are the new bodyguard. Master Tamaki is in his study. I will show you the way. Please wipe your feet before you enter," she said in a low, throaty voice. "Oh, and welcome to Suō Manor." Shima escorted the new employee through the house, up the stairs, to the right, and stopped at the second door. The main source of light came from the large stain glass window at the head of the stairwell. Giant portraits hung along the wall. A few miniature statues rested upon evenly spaced tables down the hall. The door the the study was left a crack open so the housemaid only had to give it a gentle knock to announce herself before pushing the door open further. "Master Tamaki. Your bodyguard is here." She took one last look at the man, her mind shouting the word "dirty" before taking her leave.

The blond, who sat at his desk absorbed in a book, looked up at the polite intrusion. First his eyes widened at the sight, then a smile did the same. He leaped from his desk chair, not even bothering to bookmark his place, and rushed over to greet the other man.

"Mon ami!! Oh wow! It really is you!! I’m so glad my father agreed to pick you!!” Tamaki took the hand of the other in both of his for a double-handed handshake. “Do you remember me??”